Independent, Quality Communication Consultancy

Improvisation, skill of variation and style in jazz comes from great command of its basic rules. When you combine knowledge with experience, you can achieve great results. The same holds true for communication.



"Getlini EKO" is a company responsible for the largest landfill in the Baltic States – Getlini – located in the Riga region, Stopiņi parish; the company is also implementing the largest environmental protection project in the Baltic countries. For several years, the investment made in the waste management and power generation of Getlini landfill has demonstrated its effectiveness, financial returns and a positive impact on the preservation of the environment.

Contemporary culture festival "White Night"

Riga is one of the cities that have joined the tradition of the contemporary culture festival “Baltā nakts” since 2005. The tradition of White Night began in Paris in the year 2002. It was followed by Brussels, Madrid, Riga and Rome, thus establishing a common network called "European White Nights". In Riga, the festival is organised by the Department of Culture of Riga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sport’s Department (later in the text Department of Culture).

Riga City Festival

The annual "Riga City Festival" is one of the largest and most visited city festivals in Riga. The festival takes place every year in August and lasts for three days.


On 22 June 2015, we organised the annual client event “Country Day 2015” for Scandagra, an international agricultural products company. This event was full of Latvian traditions and atmosphere and took place on a farm in the district of Bauska. The event gathered more than 300 clients and cooperation partners of the company with their families.

Citadele Challenge Cup 2015

The bank not only cares for its employees and clients, but also annually organises different competitions for its cooperation partners. In 2015, the JazzCom team had the honour of providing karting, safe driving and off-road competitions at the 4x4 track, which offered all participants an adrenaline kick for the whole day.


Reputation Strategy

A good reputation and communication strategy lets your company, people and products differ. While developing a strategy, we assess the existing pros, cons, opportunities, risks in the company and reputation quality.


Content strategy

Content strategy means understanding and taking the decision on how your publics want to hear about you, what story you yourself want to be telling. Content strategy includes a plan, how to tell your story in a trusted, reliable and convincing manner.

Relations with media

Good communication plans that remain unimplemented, remain only that - communication plans. With no implementation, nobody is writing about you. To have the media take an interest in you and write about you, to have them value your opinion as your industry’s expert, to have an opportunity of addressing those who you want to be listening, you and the media need to know and understand each other well.

Crisis communication

For you to be ready when a crisis strikes, you must prepare beforehand. We offer an analysis of your planned actions and the roadmap you have laid out to reach your goals.

Digital communication

The digital environment is like a parallel world, where companies and their brands have wide opportunities to become a personality, creating and supporting tight relations with the consumer in the digital environment and beyond. To successfully implement these opportunities, to follow your business and marketing goals, it is important to know not only which digital communications are more successful to implement, but also where and how they should be implemented.

Corporate events

Our extensive, over ten-year-long, experience in organizing corporate events is a good reason for you to evaluate our offer. Another good reason is the results achieved by our clients within the framework of these events. Our organized events, in their deeper essence, are communication and relationship building campaigns – creation of original scenarios, addressing your guests, selecting the meals, moderating the event, and entertainment.


Jazz Communications is an independent company of quality consultants and communication.

The objective of our operation is to ensure the delivery of the necessary high-quality results for Jazz Communications customers, and for the work to be enjoyable and rewarding to our team.

We are a valuable team of intelligent and responsive professionals with extensive experience in the field and striving continuous improvement. The core of the company is our two founders and consultants, Linda and Juris.




Value of TRUST in the post-Covid World

Author: Juris Pētersons

Today and tomorrow Covid-19 reigns supreme – in media, in political and business agendas, in Berlin, Riga, Vilnius, in Tallinn. We are constantly reminded of the many restrictions, many boundaries, new rules of social distancing, quarantine and isolation. But Covid-19 will not reign the day after tomorrow. Companies, regardless of markets they operate and have vested interests in, will have to understand that and prepare for that day. Today is the right time to plan for the day after tomorrow – so review your client portfolio, review your team’s performance, review the way you act in public, what decisions you tend make – and then think, evaluate, prepare and act. Today may be the only chance you get.

Awaiting Crises

Author: Juris Pētersons

You will be hit by a crisis. It’s not known when exactly or how, but clear as day, it will happen. Amongst our clients I know none who have evaded smaller or larger complications in their routines each time.


Author: Beāte Goba

Jazz Communications public relations agency has become a member of the PRBI independent communications agency network. Receiving unanimous support during the PRBI member vote, JazzCom has become the 42nd member of the network.


Author: Juris Pētersons

At the end of the year, JazzCom was approached by the business newspaper Dienas Bizness wanting to learn our predictions for 2018 in the public relations industry. This year will be an exciting one, but no fundamental changes are to be expected. More about what we hope to see in our industry in 2018 - in our responses to Dienas Bizness:

Customer Reviews

JazzCom is an interesting phenomenon among the public relations agencies in Latvia – quick learning, understanding of customer and its needs, ability to integrate communication in the corporate framework of the client organization, and instrumental use of time, competences and human capital. Our professional cooperation is one of quality and we are grateful to JazzCom for the results.

Mr. Gvido Endlers
Managing director, 4finance Latvia

Oracle is using JazzCom services to organize customer and partner networking events in all Baltic States. We have come to appreciate the punctuality and innovative approach of JazzCom in facilitating Oracle activities. It helps to have a constantly reliable partner in the region.

Ms. Maria Vaidou
Senior Systems Marketing Manager | Central Eastern Europe, Oracle

One of the main challenges in windsurfing is the ability to keep your balance. By choosing “Jazz Communications” as our public relations agency, I am confident that a balance amongst the best communications solutions has also been found.

Jānis Jēkabsons
Chairman of the Board, Latvian Windsurfing Association

We started cooperation with the JazzCom team at a complicated point where the company was to be launched anew. During the course of these tears we have managed to cooperate effectively and achieve excellent results. We know that a solid building stands on a sound foundation and great team-work – and together we’ve achieved it!

Guntis Āboltiņš-Āboliņš
Head of the Board, RERE GROUP

We have selected the services of Jazz Communications because the company has an innovative outlook, communication solutions with added value that are directed towards implementation of the desires and needs of our company. Jazz Communications is a company that applies both interesting solutions and classical communication tools but in non-standard form. We are delighted to cooperate.

Ms. Anda Zandberga
The company "Getliņi ECO" representative

Jazz Communications team – nice and positive, works quickly, effectively and enthusiastically. It was a true pleasure to communicate with you in promoting the activities of British Month.

Ms. Andra Jakoviča
Assistant Political and Communications Officer

I choose Jazz Communications as my partners for the Can do attitude! It is of utmost importance to me.

Mr. Jānis Baļķens
CEO, Havas Europe airport ground handling services enterprise at Riga International airport

It is easy to work with Jazz Communications as you can always express your true worries, concerns or – on the contrary – share your interests and inspirations; no hide-and-seek games are involved and no hardship to find the right wording. It is a partner that will always understand the customer and will be capable of providing a truly relevant, attractive and feasible solution.

Ms. Agnese Birnbauma-Eglīte
Director of Marketing and Public Relations, "Skrivanek Baltic"

Already several years in a row, Jazz Communications has helped us promote the biggest festivity in Riga – “Rīgas svētki” (Riga Festivity) and participate in the making of the modern culture forum "White Night", doing it professionally, creatively, enthusiastically and tirelessly. We carry out all our tasks with joy and put all our efforts in them. Let’s keep it that way!

Rīga City Council"s Education, Culture and Sports Department Culture Board