Reputation Strategy

A good reputation and communication strategy lets your company, people and products differ. While developing a strategy, we assess the existing pros, cons, opportunities, risks in the company and reputation quality.


Content strategy

Content strategy means understanding and taking the decision on how your publics want to hear about you, what story you yourself want to be telling. Content strategy includes a plan, how to tell your story in a trusted, reliable and convincing manner.

Relations with media

Good communication plans that remain unimplemented, remain only that - communication plans. With no implementation, nobody is writing about you. To have the media take an interest in you and write about you, to have them value your opinion as your industry’s expert, to have an opportunity of addressing those who you want to be listening, you and the media need to know and understand each other well.

Crisis communication

For you to be ready when a crisis strikes, you must prepare beforehand. We offer an analysis of your planned actions and the roadmap you have laid out to reach your goals.

Digital communication

The digital environment is like a parallel world, where companies and their brands have wide opportunities to become a personality, creating and supporting tight relations with the consumer in the digital environment and beyond. To successfully implement these opportunities, to follow your business and marketing goals, it is important to know not only which digital communications are more successful to implement, but also where and how they should be implemented.

Corporate events

Our extensive, over ten-year-long, experience in organizing corporate events is a good reason for you to evaluate our offer. Another good reason is the results achieved by our clients within the framework of these events. Our organized events, in their deeper essence, are communication and relationship building campaigns – creation of original scenarios, addressing your guests, selecting the meals, moderating the event, and entertainment.