Results / Contemporary culture festival "White Night"

Riga is one of the cities that have joined the tradition of the contemporary culture festival “Baltā nakts” since 2005. The tradition of White Night began in Paris in the year 2002. It was followed by Brussels, Madrid, Riga and Rome, thus establishing a common network called "European White Nights". In Riga, the festival is organised by the Department of Culture of Riga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sport’s Department (later in the text Department of Culture).

We were the collaboration agency of the festival for five years in a row, providing the festival’s marketing and communications campaign. 



Our goal was to provide a wide range of information on "White Night", planned events, their schedule and applicability to different age groups and interests.


Jazz Communications was directly responsible for the preparation of planning for the marketing and communication campaign and its implementation, getting partners and subcontractors involved, the coordination of their work, preparation of promotions, publicity, informational and presentation materials, as well as the implementation of a public relations campaign and involving information partners.

As part of the campaign, we also conducted the cooperation with volunteers, cultural workers, organised information points for visitors, provided communication on social networks, as well as ensured the cooperation with the arts and culture organisations that participated in the official festival programme

An essential part of our work was also the coordination of unions, associations and non-governmental organisations that had responded to the festival organisers’ call and became part of the festival programme as volunteers, offering their projects to the visitors of "White Night" for free.


During these years, the festival had an average of 60,000 to 90,000 visitors. The festival consists annually of around 50 contemporary art projects of different sizes, including performances, exhibitions, installations, productions, cinema, theatre and circus performances, music projects, discussions and other forms of art that are opened for visitors without any fee for one night in early September. Around 150 different Latvian and foreign artists take part in the organisation of "White Night".