Results / Foursquare day in Alfa

Every year, on 16 April, the social platform Foursquare* day is celebrated worldwide. The Shopping Park Alfa became the venue of the event "Foursquare Day 2012", which fits in over 1800 events devoted to Foursquare day held across the world, and it has now become the largest meeting point of Foursquare platform participants in Latvia.

During the event, everyone could try and start using the social platform Foursquare, using the new opportunity to try special offers or "Specials" prepared in one place by 16 companies – Alfa lessees, to obtain the "Foursquare day" symbols of this year, to find out about the Riga success story and to be at the Riga virtual badges drawing competition opening organized by Live Riga, to participate in discussions about technologies and social networks, as well as to do positive work with their presence by donating to Latvian (Riga) animal shelters.



"Foursquare Day 2012" was devoted to two main aims – involving companies to become part of the game, allowing both users and entrepreneurs to evaluate the advantages provided by Foursquare, as well as popularizing the name of Riga in the world, which was successfully started with obtaining the Riga virtual badges.


The event at Alfa brought together more than 340 of those who were interested in Foursquare, breaking all previous records. During the event, for the first time in Latvia, Foursquare platform users achieved the sought-after goal to obtain the virtual "Super Swarm" badge, which was only possible when 250 Foursquare users registered at one place within two hours.