Results / Oracle Seminars in the Baltic States

Knowing the importance of the on-site exchange of information, the world’s information and communication technology leader "Oracle", informs its cooperation partners on the latest news by offering practical, educational and entertaining seminars in all Baltic States, several times a year.



The objective of the Jazz Communications team is to ensure a venue for the event/seminar, which complies with the Client’s desires and the company image, and to create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone with entertainment.


We ensure the identification and selection of venues for this seminar, the coordination of third parties, the entertainment part of the event, the registration of guests, and the implementation of corporate gift ideas.


Over a period of two years, the Jazz Communications team has provided its help in the organisation of more than ten different seminars in all three Baltic States, and has also offered clients different types of entertainment after educational seminars, such as karting races, cooking together with an excellent Latvian chef, as well as cinema premieres and other entertainment options.