Results / SpellingBee - Vārdzinis2013

The international language company "Skrivanek Baltic" is one of the bigger language service providers in Latvia. "Skrivanek Baltic" is a part of the international company "Skrivanek grupa" that provides qualitative translations and language training. On 14 May 2013, for the first time in Latvia, the company organised an English language competition for high school students "VārdZinis" (WordMaster) that is globally known as a "Spelling Bee" and has become especially traditional and popular in the US and other countries of the world.

The idea of the contest – to compete against one’s peers by proving one’s knowledge of the English orthography and literary pronunciation: providing an exact spelling of a given word. These contests are the most popular in the English speaking countries where they take place in the native language. In countries where English is not the native language, they become competitions of English proficiency. Not only schools support the participants of the contest but also their parents, relatives and friends, thereby facilitating the further development of the pupils’ language skills and their education.



The goal of the contest was to draw the attention of the school youth in Latvia to the skills of English pronunciation and orthography as they measure their abilities to grammatically and phonetically pronounce the words of the English language perfectly while demonstrating their English proficiency. The long-term goal of the contest is to promote the youngsters’ wish to study English profoundly and prove their knowledge.


The school youth of the 10-12 grades of the formal education institutions in Latvia were invited to participate in the first selection round of the contest after which the jury determined 50 participants of the contest who competed for the title of "VārdZinis". The contest took place in 2013, 2014 and 2015, and the number of participants has grown year by year. It is planned to develop the contest as an annual tradition in Latvia by involving education institutions from all of Latvia and conducting the selection of the best students on the school level already so that the very best of them advance to the finals.

Other Results

Citadele Challenge Cup 2015

The bank not only cares for its employees and clients, but also annually organises different competitions for its cooperation partners. In 2015, the JazzCom team had the honour of providing karting, safe driving and off-road competitions at the 4x4 track, which offered all participants an adrenaline kick for the whole day.

The Kolonna Beauty Networks Annual Awards Ceremony

At a time when we wallow in memories of the previous year, one of the major beauty networks in the Baltic States expresses gratitude to its employees for a job well done throughout the whole year, by organising the Annual Awards Ceremony for them.


"Getlini EKO" is a company responsible for the largest landfill in the Baltic States – Getlini – located in the Riga region, Stopiņi parish; the company is also implementing the largest environmental protection project in the Baltic countries. For several years, the investment made in the waste management and power generation of Getlini landfill has demonstrated its effectiveness, financial returns and a positive impact on the preservation of the environment.

Business Escalator

The Business escalator is a joint project by the "Alfa" trade park and the "Dienas Bizness" newspaper, which was initiated in 2013 in order to promote the marketing development of young entrepreneurs. It also provides them with an opportunity to operate on the premises of the Alfa trade park for a month, thereby attracting client attention to their products and promoting sales. The author of the Business Escalator idea is the Jazz Communications team.

The "Starmetis" Short Film Festival

The "Starmetis" Festival is a short film script competition announced by the "Alfa" trade park, which began in 2013. This festival was created as a short-term initiative including various activities and film presentations. All submitted works were evaluated by a professional panel of judges consisting of three people: Dita Rietuma, Roberts Vinovskis and Jānis Nords. The panel of judges evaluated submitted works on their conformity with the topic, script originality and the possibilities of implementing the ideas.