Results / The Language Police

In order to emphasise the issues of the public use and culture of the Latvian language, within the framework of project "The Language Police" conducted by the language solutions company "Skrivanek Baltic", five experts of the Latvian language have been studying the speech culture of several groups of significant public speakers. During the first study, the experts were evaluating the speech culture of the deputies of the 11th Saeima of the Republic of Latvia; during the second study – the speech of the heads of the bigger local authorities of Latvia, whereas during the third study – the speech culture of the Prime Ministers of the restored Republic of Latvia. Upon the completion of the study, experts shared their conclusions on the public use of the Latvian language and provided some practical recommendations to politicians on how to perfect their language skills. 

The project authors and experts shared a common belief that all public people who express their thoughts and ideas publicly leave an impact on the quality and long-term development of the Latvian language. The experts believe that the speech culture of popular people should be refined and perfected, so that it can be used as a model to influence the language and speech patterns of other members of society.



The communicative goal of the project is to facilitate the positions of the "Skrivanek" experts in the field of language services and solutions.


The emphasis of the project is to demonstrate the importance of speech culture in the professional growth and image of every human being and also show the ways and possibilities of how each part of public speech – grammar, culture, orator skills, and other elements of speech – may be developed and completed on an everyday basis. The results of the project study are published and presented at media events and also special seminars are offered for research groups. The responsibility of the Jazz Communications team was the team management from the concept to the detailed elaboration and implementation of the project, including the organisation and management of the activities of the expert group, while also conducting individual interviews with the experts, summarising the individual assessments and conclusions, preparing the study and planning and implementing the project communication.


Project "The Language Police" has raised wide interest in the Latvian media and also facilitated public discussion on language matters, especially in social networks. The project may be regarded as one of calling cards of the company’s "Skrivanek Baltic" external communication. The project stimulated the public broadcast company "Latvijas Radio" to resume topics regarding Latvian language culture and use them in broadcasts where the experts of "The Language Police" have also been taking part.

Work under the Language Police Project will continue.

Other Results

SpellingBee - Vārdzinis2013

The international language company "Skrivanek Baltic" is one of the bigger language service providers in Latvia. "Skrivanek Baltic" is a part of the international company "Skrivanek grupa" that provides qualitative translations and language training. On 14 May 2013, for the first time in Latvia, the company organised an English language competition for high school students "VārdZinis" (WordMaster) that is globally known as a "Spelling Bee" and has become especially traditional and popular in the US and other countries of the world.


"Getlini EKO" is a company responsible for the largest landfill in the Baltic States – Getlini – located in the Riga region, Stopiņi parish; the company is also implementing the largest environmental protection project in the Baltic countries. For several years, the investment made in the waste management and power generation of Getlini landfill has demonstrated its effectiveness, financial returns and a positive impact on the preservation of the environment.

Business Escalator

The Business escalator is a joint project by the "Alfa" trade park and the "Dienas Bizness" newspaper, which was initiated in 2013 in order to promote the marketing development of young entrepreneurs. It also provides them with an opportunity to operate on the premises of the Alfa trade park for a month, thereby attracting client attention to their products and promoting sales. The author of the Business Escalator idea is the Jazz Communications team.

Riga City Festival

The annual "Riga City Festival" is one of the largest and most visited city festivals in Riga. The festival takes place every year in August and lasts for three days.

The "Starmetis" Short Film Festival

The "Starmetis" Festival is a short film script competition announced by the "Alfa" trade park, which began in 2013. This festival was created as a short-term initiative including various activities and film presentations. All submitted works were evaluated by a professional panel of judges consisting of three people: Dita Rietuma, Roberts Vinovskis and Jānis Nords. The panel of judges evaluated submitted works on their conformity with the topic, script originality and the possibilities of implementing the ideas.

Foursquare day in Alfa

Every year, on 16 April, the social platform Foursquare* day is celebrated worldwide. The Shopping Park Alfa became the venue of the event "Foursquare Day 2012", which fits in over 1800 events devoted to Foursquare day held across the world, and it has now become the largest meeting point of Foursquare platform participants in Latvia.