Jazz Communications is an independent company of quality consultants and communication.

The objective of our operation is to ensure the delivery of the necessary high-quality results for Jazz Communications customers, and for the work to be enjoyable and rewarding to our team.

We are a valuable team of intelligent and responsive professionals with extensive experience in the field and striving continuous improvement. The core of the company is our two founders and consultants, Linda and Juris.



Our team members have breadth of experience in working with financial, construction, transport and aviation industries, environmental and ecological issues, retail trade, beauty and cosmetics, interior and design, and social fields. We have the knowledge to help your business achieve leadership in your field, both to the satisfaction of your partners and your enterprise.

Jazz Communications professionals have been working as a team in the field of public relations since 2008. The professional experience of the Jazz Communications consultants majority exceeds ten years.

Feel free to browse through the information about our services and work results, and you will be sure to find the initial answers to your questions.